Tulsi Moringa Hisbicus Tea bags 25 Bags

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Hibiscus combines and complements Moringa to add natural Vitamin C and natural iron to Moringa’s exceptional nutritional qualities and health benefits. This delicious blend is ideal for your wholesome health and wellness.

The Miracles of Moringa:
Moringa is an extraordinary herb and food source which has been proven to benefit communities in India and Africa. In Ayurvedic texts Moringa is called “sigru”, meaning “moves like an arrow”, alluding to the herb’s penetrative properties. Moringa is naturally abundant with nutrition, rich in essential amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins and numerous other health benefits.

The Wonders of Hibiscus:
Hibiscus petals, naturally rich in Vitamin C and iron, provide a purifying and healing energy. Hibiscus has a sweet and astringent taste, or rasa, and a cooling virya, or energetic effect on the body. Ayurveda also uses the bright, healing qualities of Hibiscus flowers to support the heart and circulatory system, recognizing their ability to purify the blood, promote a clear, glowing complexion, and uplift the heart (both physically and spiritually).

For maximum health benefits drink 3-4 cups daily, recommended without milk. Double the strength when serving iced.

Health & Benefits :

Benefits of Moringa Hibiscus Boost of Antioxidants Rich in Vitamin C and iron Provide a purifying and healing energy Support the heart and circulatory system Promote a clear, glowing complexion Uplift the heart


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