About Us

Dhatu Stores & Kitchen is a brand managed and operated by Haarmony Woods Joint Venture Pvt Ltd which was created with a  vision, passion and purpose of building a sustainable world for our consumers.

Dhatu Organic Store and Kitchen first started in Mysore in 2012 with a vision of touching more lives organically by offering a wide range of specialty products and services. We have curated more than 200 products in our unit ‘Sambhuti’, a certified organic production facility following Organic and USDA Organic Standards, mastering challenging tasks like storing, sorting, sprouting, cold milling and traditional organic processes which are backed by science to retain high nutritional content in the food.

Our first interactive organic store and kitchen currently based in Mysore has evolved to be one of the trusted organic centers in the region. The broad product range, customer centric services, and well-trained staff provide a complete shopping experience, all backed by research and knowledge.

Our excellent team with a vision for sustainable world is committed to provide our customers with all healthy food product options sourced from purpose driven companies and brands across the world under one platform. While customers struggle to find authentic Organic, Natural, Gluten free, non-GMO products, we hunt for the most authentic, strictly tested & certified products for our customers.


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