Organic Chyawanprash 500g

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ORGANIC INDIA’s  Chyawanprash is an authentic Ayurvedic daily tonic to fortify your body from within, enhancing its resilience against daily stress and illness. Enriched with wild forest Vitamin C-rich Amalaki and around 38 healing herbs including Ashwagandha, Punarnava, Giloy, and Shatavari, it is also called the “The Elixir of Life.” Regular consumption keeps your family strong and healthy.

Directions for use

Adults 2-3 teaspoons, children 1-2 teaspoons twice daily

Health & Benefits :
● Supports immune function & strengthens resistance to stress and illness
● Aids in detoxification and rejuvenation
● Promotes overall health and well-being
● Restores energy and vitality to keep you strong and active


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