Nilgiri Honey 250gm

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Country of Origin: India
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For centuries, communities in the evergreen forest slopes of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve have sustainably harvested this 'Food of the Gods', using age old methods of honey hunting for generations. 

This bottle of wild Nilgiris honey, is collected sustainably from the hives of the Giant Rock Bee (Apis dorsata) and has a plethora of nutritional properties straight from the forest as the honey is unprocessed and pure! 

Multi-floral - the Giant Rock Bees pollinate from the diverse flowers available in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, giving the honey unique colors and benefits. 

Unprocessed - This honey is unprocessed — all the nutrients present in the honey remain intact  right from the hive to your bottle. 

Sustainably Harvested - Methods used in the harvesting of this bottle of honey are sustainable, ensuring the bees return to the hives after the honey is collected. 

Unique Honey Rainbow - This bottle of Nilgiris Honey has a variety of colors that range from a lightness that is almost clear, to amber, to even a darkness that is completely opaque. The color itself is not indicative to the quality of a honey, it is merely an effect of what nectar was gathered from what flowering plants. Our honey is always from wild hives, so each batch reflects a different moment of time in the forest.

Natural Sugars - This honey is a natural sweetener, comprised of naturally occurring sugars (such as glucose, fructose, sucrose). 

Eco Friendly Packing - This bottle comes in a complete eco-friendly packing  corrugated boxes tailor made for the bottle, ensuring zero breakage and contributing to rid the planet of harmful packaging! 



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